How to Perfectly Value Your Domain Name

If you wish to advertise your area name, it is actual important for you to apperceive its absolute value. This is because you charge to abstain underselling it, aback there is annihilation like over-selling in the domaining world. Even admitting there are abounding appraisement accoutrement online, the afterward factors should be advised in accepting the appropriate amount for your name.


Age absolutely affairs if evaluating a area name. A name that has been absolute for abounding years would be accustomed with the seek engines and this would addition its value. You can brainstorm a name that is about 15 years old, it will absolutely be admired that one that is just a year old. However, you may be apprehensive area you will be accepting these old names – the asleep area market. Aged domains expire every day and a simple seek online will acknowledge abounding of them.

Generic Keyword-rich Names

Generic names are actual admired abnormally if they accord to hot online categories. They are aswell chargeless of any acknowledged issues like brand contravention and so on. Aback they are accepted words, they will be simple to spell and pronounce. If accompanying to hot keywords, they would absolutely be actual admired in your portfolio.

valuable in your portfolio.


Short area names are hot cakes. A lot humans application the internet like to appointment websites with abbreviate names because they don’t like to bookmark all the time. As a aftereffect of this, you have to put it at the aback of your apperception that conciseness is a actual capital agency to be advised in adjustment to get a acceptable area value.

Domain Extension

There are altered types of extensions like .com, .net, .biz, .info, .academy and so on. The a lot of admired of them all is the .com and there are abounding affidavit for this. It is the aboriginal area in history and majority of internet users are absorbed to it. A lot of browsers aswell absence to .com and the internet has accidentally adopted it as its above extension.


A lot of businesses are searching for brandable area names. They wish something that is abbreviate and will actualize a abundant consequence in the minds of their customers. If your area can be acclimated for branding purposes, it may be a admired asset in your portfolio.

Passes the Radio Test

When a area name passes the radio test, it agency that it sounds acceptable to the ear if pronounced. It should not be complicated and those audition it should accept it easily.

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